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Fancy Hands vs GetFriday

Fancy Hands compared to GetFriday

Fancy Hands compared to GetFriday

Virtual Assistants (VAs) have been helping entrepreneurs and small and large business owners for decades, and have become a mainstay in the business world. Platforms like Fancy Hands and GetFriday allow clients to delegate tasks and projects to VAs allowing them to focus on business operations as well as help with personal related tasks. They allow you to reap the benefits of brick-and-mortar professional services remotely for lower overhead when it comes to business related tasks and free up your life with personal related tasks. Virtual Assistants are intended to promote efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

With a handful of virtual assistant services available, it can be quite daunting to know which to select so to narrow things down, let’s compare two virtual assistant platforms out there; Fancy Hands and GetFriday.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands assistants are skilled in many areas. They complete anything from simple everyday tasks to complex projects. Fancy Hands is available at any time and typical tasks include sourcing and scheduling services for improvement projects, calendaring, content writing, incoming and outgoing call management, social media marketing and management, travel management, and other back-office functions. Clients can also receive discounts from various partners through their association with Fancy Hands.


GetFriday assistants are available during specified business hours to provide simple everyday tasks. Urgent tasks may be managed off hours at 1.5 times the normal rate. Typical tasks include online searches, calendaring, setting up services, travel management, and other basic background tasks.

What's the difference?

Both companies provide Virtual Assistants for personal and business tasks. GetFriday assistants tackle basic tasks. They do not provide specialized services like content writing, website management, or graphic design. Clients would need to pay premium costs for those. Fancy Hands Assistants on the other hand can be versatile, tackling even specialized tasks based on client needs on every plan. Fancy Hands assistants also procure goods and services for personal and professional occasions through a secure payment portal.

Fancy Hands assistants choose your task based on their skill level. This ensures quality and efficiency in task turnaround. GetFriday assistants are assigned to you but this is also the case if you decide to go with Fancy Hands’ Dedicated Assistant service. With Fancy Hands tasks may be submitted at any time via the web, text, call, email, or app (android or iPhone). GetFriday tasks may be submitted during your business hours via web, phone, fax, or email but only during one of four available shifts throughout the day.

In terms of how time you’ve paid for is managed, Fancy Hands ensures that no unused time is lost. Unused time is rolled over for the life of your membership. GetFriday does not allow rollover of unused time but will allow limited rollover privileges if you commit to a higher priced Plus Plan.

Fancy Hands and GetFriday

  Fancy Hands GetFriday
US-Based Assistants Yes No
Availability 24/7 Weekdays
Task roll-over Yes No
Specialized Skill Surcharge No Yes
Purchases Secure Purchase System
Assistant never sees your CC info
Trust Based
Assistant has access to your CC number
Integrations Slack, Trello, as well as Google Calendar N/A
Pricing From $18 per month From $65 per month

Which is better?

Both Fancy Hands and GetFriday can help you gain precious time. Both offer a time-savings service for a similar price-point. Though comparing the two, Fancy Hands is the clear standout given the fewer limitations and availability of the service as well as the added plus of having a US-based team. And if you’re looking for a dedicated virtual assistant, Fancy Hands can help with that, too.

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