Facebook Integration

The short version about our Facebook integration (if you should chose to opt in)

1) It's a great way to earn referral credits
2) We don't share any specific or personal information
3) We don't post too much, so it won't annoy your friends

With your permission, we'll share your referral code to Facebook when you send us a request. When one of your Facebook friends clicks on that link and signs up, you'll get $10 off your next bill!

For example, if we schedule a car to pick you up, we'll post "Helper scheduled a Car Pickup via Fancy Hands" to your timeline. No specific information will be shared. When your Facebook friends click on the link, you'll earn $10 for each signup that comes through that click (via our referral program).

We'll never share any identifying information such as where you are going, when a trip is scheduled for, or who an appointment is with.

What does it look like to your friends? Well it depends on where your friends are looking. Most of the time it doesn't appear directly in their newsfeed. The most common place to see it is in the "Ticker" on Facebook's website. This is pictured below.

It will also show up on your profile page... tucked away into your activity feed.