Account Manager

As an Account Manager at On Demand Ops, you will be responsible for managing the enterprise accounts of our ODO clients, ensuring that we are exceeding our clients’ and company goals, and working hand in hand with our Project Managers to ensure our operations are running efficiently.

In this role, your main responsibility will be to build transparent, collaborative, and successful relationships with our ODO clients, primarily by executing above and beyond their expectations. You will be the main point of contact, providing clients with daily and weekly updates, problem solving and resolving issues, analyzing client data to increase efficiencies and conversion rates, and streamlining our internal operations. This will include everything from creating call and email messaging for each specific client, to working with the client and product development team to execute customizations and launch operational solutions. You will also be responsible for setting weekly goals, monitoring key performance metrics, and managing and motivating the team carrying out the project to ensure those goals are met. Your performance will be measured by those same metrics, and your ability to help our clients and in turn our company grow.

The operational solutions we provide clients require a microscopic attention to detail, and a key part of your job will be anticipating, or at the very least quickly recognizing, client issues and thinking quickly and creatively on you feet to execute the best short-term fixes and long-term solutions. You will also have the opportunity and be expected to propose policies and new organizational structures that will improve the team member and client experience, helping the company scale its operations.

The right candidate for this position will have a very positive attitude, be extremely organized, have experience managing client accounts and successfully balancing many tasks at once. The right candidate will also have experience working across departments and have a proven record of client success, as well as exceptional verbal and written communication skills. This position will report to the CEO of Fancy Hands/ODO.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Making sure our clients are thrilled with their project operations
  • Working with clients to create call scripts and email templates for their project
  • Setting weekly and monthly goals, and working with Project Managers to meet those goals
  • Creating strong and trusting relationships with our clients
  • Managing and optimizing client workflows, call scripts, email templates and contact lists
  • Overseeing Project Manager operations, and resolving issues when they arise
  • Creating and implementing new initiatives to improve overall ODO operations


  • At least 3+ years previous experience as an Account Manager, ideally in Enterprise or similar
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Self-starter who solves problems when they see one, not just when they are told to
  • The ability to motivate as well as correct team members to ensure the highest level of quality of service for our customers
  • The ability to seriously multi-task
  • Friendly, personable, and a glass half full attitude, who will stay calm even when dealing with impatient, difficult, and demanding customers


  • This is a full time salaried position
  • Compensation will be competitive and include health benefits, Citibike, gym membership and paid time off
  • This position is in-office, Union Square area

How to apply?

Introduce yourself and send your resume to

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