Can you do this thing that I need to have done?

This is not a complete list, but it should give you an idea of...


  • Find a doctor or service person in a specific area
  • Research an aspect of a blog post
  • Arrange for a housekeeper to clean your apartment
  • General research gathering
  • Make reservations & appointments on your behalf
  • Distill product reviews into recommendations
  • Make a list of businesses/vendors/venues for you
  • Find hotels and get price quotes for you
  • Find the lowest-cost flights for a trip
  • Transcribe 3 minutes of audio or video dialogue
  • Transcribe 5 minutes of audio or video monologue
  • Purchase something up to $100
  • Try to track down an item that you lost
  • Call your cable, phone company, or any vendor
  • Patch you in on a vendor call for your approval
  • Schedule conference calls, call & connect all parties when it's time
  • Add appointments to your Google calendar
  • And so much more…check out ideas on our blog!


  • Anything that requires your credit card number
  • Write and post an entire blog post for you
  • Sales lead generation - cold calls, spam emailing, etc.
  • Book flights, hotels or rental cars (we can get info & price quotes)
  • Paint your house (but we can find you a painter)
  • Pick up your laundry (we can find a place that delivers, though)
  • Extensive travel planning
  • Tasks involving a language other than English
  • Highly technical tasks (software support, programming, HTML, etc)
  • Give you legal and/or financial advice (we can provide you with non-binding research)
  • Recurring tasks or tasks with a strict, near-term deadline
  • Find confidential contact information for high-profile individuals
  • Break our Terms of Service or those of other businesses


For specific questions before you subscribe, read our FAQ, list of common tasks, and even our terms of service is helpful and straight forward. If you still have questions, please contact support.