Terms of Service

If you have any questions about this, contact support


To ensure the quality of the service you receive through Fancy Hands, we've got some ground rules. Violating these may mean that you've broken our terms of service, and that can result in our decision to terminate our relationship. But we will always try to work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

This is an email, phone, and app-based service. We won't ever sell or rent your email address. However, we will send you email to communicate with you about your tasks. We also send out emails from time to time to communicate about special offers or new features. You can always unsubscribe from those "keeping in touch" emails.

Each Fancy Hands account is for the use of one single person. Accounts are not to be shared in any way. Any tasks that you request are intended for your benefit only. You cannot share this account with your husband, wife, friend, or dog. This means that one person can not send in requests on behalf of multiple people. If you'd like to sign up for a group account which is usable by more than one person, please contact support and ask for a Teamwork account. Tasks are not transferable in any way. You may give a task from your account away here and you can buy a gift membership for someone here. Accounts are not transferable to another user; if one person signs up, you cannot transfer ownership of that account to another person. Accounts (or tasks) cannot be resold in any way, and there can only be one account per person.

Scope of Tasks

Each request for work (task) must be included in the task itself. While we can log into remote systems to work on tasks, we don't support logging into remote systems to read or respond to tasks. Each request should be sent in on its own as a single task. If you have several tasks that need to be done, send each request in separately. This will ensure quick turnaround and clear communication about each task.

If a second task is needed based on the first task (for example, the information we find leads you to request more research), you should copy and paste the information retrieved from the first task into a new request to begin a second task. If your assistant's reply doesn't satisfy you, reply to the original task, specify why you are not yet pleased, and they will try again. If the request is for additional work, it should be submitted anew.

Defining the scope of tasks is hard. We're constantly evolving and taking on bigger tasks. Having said that, occasionally a user submits a task that is simply too big for us to handle, or goes against the spirit of the service. When this happens, we do one of two things:

We may glance at the task, realize that we can't do it, and respond to you saying that we're unable to do it. You will not be charged for a task in this case.

We may spend some time researching and trying to finish your task before we realize that it's a) not something we can finish or b) an amount of work beyond our service level. If that happens, you're given a response with as much work as the assistant has been able to do, and one of your task credits is used.

If you disagree and feel that the work should have been completed, please contact support and we'll try to work it out. We do reserve the right to decide at our sole discretion if a task is outside the scope of our abilities.

Under no circumstances will we spam people or do anything vaguely spammy as a task. Please don't ask. Aside from the obvious, this also includes spam-like activity including creating fake accounts, leaving comments, or creating content and disguising who sends it. This also includes liking, retweeting, or sharing things on Facebook or Twitter. We can not make unsolicited telemarketing or fundraising phone calls. Also, we cannot collect contact information (phone, email, etc) from the web to build lists for marketing, spam, potential sales leads, etc. Essentially, we can't generate lists of contact information for the purposes of contacting people unsolicited, either directly or after being imported into a database. We cannot cold call people in hopes of generating leads. If you have questions about whether or not we consider your request to be spam, please contact support.

We cannot (and will not) ever accept your credit card number for use in a task. You must not send us your credit card number to be used on a task. If we make a purchase for you, you will be billed after the fact via our secure processor. Your Fancy Hands assistants will never see your credit card number; they will use a temporary, one-time use number to buy things for you that we generate on our own.

For an incomplete list of examples of things that we will or won't do, please consult this page. That should give you a good guide to what we're able to accomplish. Agreeing to this terms of service page means that you understand and agree to keep your tasks within the scope of that document.

Our service is a per-task service, not a charge-by-the-hour service. If you need a big project done, break it down into small pieces, send each request in separately, and we'll handle them. This is great for you because you'll have a team of assistants working on multiple parts of a single project at once. However, this also means that we must enforce a time limit on how long we can work on tasks. That time limit is 15 minutes.


There is not warranty or guarantee on any of the information provided by Fancy Hands. We try extremely hard to provide the greatest, most prompt, and most accurate information, and we believe that we do this better than anyone anywhere. However, if we give you information that is wrong in any way, although it's a mistake, we cannot be held liable for it (or the results of the mistake) in any way. Basically, if we tell you something that ends up really causing a problem, we will not be held responsible. We're smart and you're smart, let's both rely on our intelligence and maturity to get us through that sort of thing.


There is no free version of this service. In order to use this service, you pay a specific, monthly recurring fee for whichever plan you sign up for. For example, you probably pay us once a month for a month's worth of service. Once you've paid for a month (or for any other interval), there are no refunds offered.

Fancy Hands plans are recurring subscriptions. When you sign up for the monthly plan, your card will continue to be charged each month (or year if you're on a yearly plan) until you cancel via the website. As of 2/21/2014, unused tasks from one month rollover to the next month. This means if you are on the 5 task plan and only use 4 tasks, you'll start the next month with 6 tasks available. Tasks continue to rollover as long as you are a subscriber. You are still billed normally regardless of how many rollover tasks you've accumulated. Tasks rolling over does not change the amount you'll be billed each billing cycle.


You can cancel at anytime for no penalty fee. If you signed up using Amazon Payments, you can cancel at, otherwise, you can manage your account from the Fancy Hands dashboard.

Termination of Service

We reserve the right to terminate the service of a client at any time for any reason. That's our legal right. In extremely rare circumstances, we may end our relationship with a client for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following: 1) If the client is constantly requesting tasks outside the scope of their service plan and we're unable to find a solution by scaling back the requests, 2) If the client is abusive or rude to his/her assistant or any other Fancy Hands employee. Please treat our employees as you would treat your own employees; if you yell at your real-life employees, they'll likely quit.

The lawyers made me do it

While the service you receive from Fancy Hands is our very best, our work is not guaranteed, and we offer no warranty of any kind. We'll bend over backwards trying to make you happy, but we are human, and humans are not perfect.