International Incidents.

One of the most popular questions that we’re asked is, 
Can you work for me even though I don’t live in the US? 
You bet your Fancy Hands we can. 

Our assistants are all based in America, but we work for clients worldwide, as long as we can get the job done in English. 
Recently, for one of our Australian customers, an assistant got three quotes for a car repair, then scheduled an appointment to have the work done.  
In Germany, a Fancy Hands assistant ordered and shipped a toy that one of our clients wanted for her daughter. 
For a Canadian client, an assistant got estimates for a family portrait session and then booked an appointment with the selected photographer. 
An assistant compiled a list of sightseeing suggestions for an Austrian customer who was hosting out-of-town visitors that weekend. 
A client living in Hong Kong asked for research on climate change. 
A New Zealand couple asked their Fancy Hands assistant to find party venues for them. 
And in the UK, a customer asked us to find her a doctor close to her ‘flat’. 
Oh, right…Madonna’s not British anymore…they sent her back to the states, and she stopped using that fake accent. 
Ah well. Cheerio!



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