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Fancy Hands vs Ask Sunday

Fancy Hands compared to Ask Sunday

Fancy Hands compared to AskSunday

Virtual Assistants (VAs) have been helping entrepreneurs and small and large business owners for decades, becoming a mainstay in the business world. Platforms like Fancy Hands and AskSunday allow clients to delegate tasks and projects to VAs allowing them to focus on business operations as well as help with personal related tasks, allowing workforces to focus on what they need to, driving efficiency. VAs are remote and these remote workers do the same thing in-office professionals do, often at a time savings and for lower costs.

With a handful of virtual assistant services available, it can be quite daunting to know which to select so to narrow things down, let’s compare two virtual assistant platforms out there; Fancy Hands and AskSunday.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a 24-hour platform connecting individuals and companies with skilled assistants to perform all their personal and executive level tasks. You can submit tasks on your own terms, whether you are at home in your pajamas, behind a desk, or vacationing.


The AskSunday platform provides 24-hour assistance 5 days a week. AskSunday assigns you an assistant to complete personal tasks like scheduling, outgoing calls, research, and data entry. Any service above that requires a minimum 80-hour monthly commitment.

So what’s the difference?

Both platforms provide access to virtual assistants capable of performing personal calendaring and normal daily tasks on an individual level. Fancy Hands includes executive level tasks (like booking flights, data analysis, social media marketing and management, large projects, etc.) on every plan offered. AskSunday assistants on the other hand do not do executive level tasks unless you pay more and commit to 80 hours a month. Fancy Hands connects you with assistants via a dashboard. The assistant skilled in your specific need area chooses you. You then collaborate with your assistant through the platform. AskSunday assistants are assigned to you (which is also the case should you go with a Dedicated Assistant with Fancy Hands)

Fancy Hands and AskSunday compared

  Fancy Hands AskSunday
US-Based Assistants Yes No
Availability 24/7
Dedicated: Monday thru Friday
24/5 (Sunday - Friday)
Task Roll-over Yes (standard service) No
Purchases Secure Purchase System
Assistant never sees your CC info
Trust Based
Assistant has access to your CC number
Integrations Slack, Trello, as well as Google Calendar N/A
Pricing $18 per month $129 per month

Which is better?

Fancy Hands tasks are accepted 24 hours a day by phone, email, text, web submission or an android or iPhone app. AskSunday tasks can only be submitted between Sunday night and Friday night each week. Their tasks may be submitted via instant messaging, phone, or email.

As for your tasks (time you’ve paid for) Fancy Hands automatically rolls over your unused task time each month. Therefore, you can plan for business highs and lows. With AskSunday, you lose any unused time unless you commit to an 80-hour or more plan. Now with that being said, this is also the case for Fancy Hands’s Dedicated Assistant service but their minimum starts at 10 hours rather than 80 hours.

Fancy Hands assistants perform many personal and executive level functions that drive company productivity and foster professional development. Whether you want a jack of all trades, or a professional, Fancy Hands delivers, regardless of which plan you choose.

Fancy Hands processes transactions securely through a secure payment processor; therefore, you can take comfort in delegating your purchasing needs. With a larger monthly hourly commitment, AskSunday presents a lower average hourly rate but their team isn’t US-based whereas Fancy Hands’s team is. While Fancy Hands does come in at a higher price-point, you get the sense of increased security, quality, and reliability with them, making Fancy Hands the recommended option.

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