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Fancy Hands vs Delegated

Fancy Hands compared to Delegated

Fancy Hands compared to Delegated

It’s hard to talk about business these days without talking about VAs (virtual assistants). In fact, it’s now estimated that there are as many as 25,000 VAs worldwide.

What exactly do VAs do? In short, anything you ask them to - from administrative tasks and data entry to phone support and creative projects. Think of VAs as an army of freelancers, each with their own niche.

What are the benefits of hiring or working as a VA? With the same budget you can engage more talent. And VAs have more freedom to choose their hours and the projects they take on. Ideally, everybody wins.

Fancy Hands and Delegated compared

  Fancy Hands Delegated
US-Based Assistants Yes Yes
Availability 24/7 8am - 5pm
Task roll-over Yes No
Purchases Secure Purchase System
Assistant never sees your CC info
Integrations Slack, Trello, as well as Google Calendar Google Calendar
Pricing From $18 per month $420 per month

Which is better?

Both Fancy Hands and offer a team of US-based VAs. Both can handle a variety of tasks to help you gain precious time. Though in terms of flexibility and cost, Fancy Hands is the clear standout. You can rest assured that no matter when you submit your task, someone is likely to have it completed within 24 hours, no need to wait for your dedicated assistant (though if you’d prefer to have a dedicated assistant, Fancy Hands can do that too). And by having access to the entire team of VAs, when you submit different types of tasks, you can be sure that someone who’s experienced and enthusiastic will be there to help.

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