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Fancy Hands vs Zirtual

Fancy Hands compared to Zirtual

Fancy Hands compared to Zirtual

Fancy Hands is available whenever and wherever you are. You can access your account on the go, out of the country or from the confines of your home or office. This platform connects you with skilled assistants to manage your calendars, meet research and writing needs, find and schedule services, manage incoming and outgoing calls, make purchases, and do other tasks an in-office professional would perform. Fancy Hands assistants also provide personal assistance.

Zirtual is available during prime business hours. Zirtual assigns a skilled assistant to help you manage your calendars, meet research and writing needs, schedule services, make purchases, and do other tasks an in-office professional would perform. Zirtual also promises a 2-hour response time.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands has been around since 2010, and has cornered the market on on-demand tasks. Clients can simply submit their task or project request and someone from the Fancy Hands team will have it completed in about a day. Fancy Hands assistants have been known to tackle annoying phone calls (like negotiating rates with the cable company), data entry, and even light design projects. Assistants choose the projects they work on, so you’re bound to end up with someone whose skill set ideally aligns with your needs. And if a dedicated assistant would better suit your needs, Fancy Hands can help you with that, as well. All Fancy Hands assistants are US-based.


Zirtual (Zirtual Solutions) was founded in 2010, under the name eaHelp. They originally marketed administrative assistant solutions to pastors and churches, but have since rebranded and expanded to businesses of all sizes, all over the country. Their model is best suited for someone who’d like to engage in a long-term relationship with one, dedicated VA, and feels more like hiring an employee than delegating certain tasks. As such, they’re only available during traditional office hours (although this is aligned with Fancy Hands’ Dedicated Assistant service as well). Zirtual assistants can help with generic tasks, such as data entry, writing/editing, schedule management, and research. They also have assistants who specialize in bookkeeping, website maintenance, and social media strategy.

So what’s the difference?

Both platforms plan and book travel, perform executive level tasks, analyze data, and manage social media and marketing projects. They also complete transactions on your behalf and provide access to assistants skilled in many subjects and industries. With Fancy Hands, assistants choose you unless you go with their dedicated service which then an assistant is assigned to you for all your requests. You communicate directly with the assistant through the platform or a channel you’re most comfortable with when it comes to dedicated service. Zirtual assistants on the other hand are similar to Fancy Hands’s dedicated service in which an assistant is assigned to you.

You can submit Fancy Hands tasks 24 hours a day using the Android & iOS apps, phone call, email, text message, website, or via an API integration. Assistants are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Zirtual, tasks can only be submitted via phone, text, or email between the hours of 9am-6pm (EST or PST) and assistants only work those hours. Fancy Hands also allows you to rollover unused time to following months as long as your account remains active while with Zirtual, your plan resets each month, resulting in a loss of any unused time.

Fancy Hands and Zirtual compared

  Fancy Hands Zirtual
US-Based Assistants Yes Yes
Availability 24/7 Weekdays
Task roll-over Yes No
Purchases Secure Purchase System
Assistant never sees your CC info
Trust Based
Assistant has access to your CC info
Integrations Slack, Trello, as well as Google Calendar N/A
Pricing From $18 per month $38 per hour

Which is better?

Both Fancy Hands and Zirtual possess the ability to get you the help you need with US-based assistants and have been around for over a decade (Fancy Hands being around for a year longer) but there are key differences that allow one to shine over the other. You’ll never know when you have that sudden epiphany after hours or just want to submit a request in the middle of the night so that you don’t have to wait till the next morning on a business day to ask your assistant. The 24/7 availability of assistants, unused time allowed to rollover, and pricing, makes Fancy Hands the more attractive of the two options.

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