Fancy Hands API Wrappers

Earlier this year, we launched an API to allow developers to build apps and provided a single developer SDK (for python). The API gave developers the ability to make a custom request using the Fancy Hands platform. This type of request allows you to submit a request in natural language, specify a price that you're willing to pay, specify the data (including datatype) that you'd like back, and a human would get right on it. 

We thought this endpoint was super powerful, and many developers agreed. This endpoint has been used by everyone from laundry delivery startups to Lipton Iced Tea's huge summer promotion.

While this API endpoint has proved powerful, we've learned from feedback and have recently launched even more endpoints.

General Request APIs

We've added fancyhands.standard.Standard, which lets you make requests in plain text and get your responses in plain text. This also includes fancyhands.request.Message so you can communicate back and forth with an assistant.

Call APIs

We've added which is an endpoint dedicated to making outgoing telephone calls. Developers can specify customized scripts, make a single API call, and an actual human will be making the call within seconds. The scripts can be as simple as a "Hello, goodbye" and as complicated as custom sales scripts with logic trees based on the responses we hear. We can even transfer the call to another number at any point.

Next week we'll be launching additions to the outgoing call API including:

  1. The ability to record phone calls
  2. International phone calls
  3. The ability to specify windows when we should call (make an API call in the middle of the night telling us to make the call at 9am)
  4. Lower prices for transferred calls

We'll also be launching incoming calls. This will allow you to set up the same robust scripts and use them when people call you, not just on outgoing calls.

Developer SDKs

When we launched the API, we launched with only one SDK, the python SDK. Since then, many users have built their own wrappers for other languages. There have been forks and pull requests and bugs squashed. We've come a long way. 

Now we're thrilled to announce that we have official wrappers for Python, JavaScript (Node), Java, PHP, and Ruby. There are also third party libraries for PHP, Ruby, and Go! 

We're not experts in any of these languages, so please send us pull requests!

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