Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants

You may ask yourself… what is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant is a remote worker that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from their own home office. 

Fancy Hands is your one-stop-shop for Virtual Assistants. We can help you with a variety of tasks to help you get through the day to day. All of our Virtual Assistants are also US Based!

So just what can a Fancy Hands virtual assistant do for you? Let’s talk about some common tasks we can assist you with:

-Need to rent a car last minute? No problem! We can not only help you find the cheapest options but we can also help book it for you.

-Did your package not arrive on time? Let us wait on hold for you and help you track it down.

-Not sure where to find the hottest new toy for your kids birthday? We can call all the stores in your area and track it down for you.

-Pipes clogged? Let us track down the highest rated plumbers in your area!

-Forgot to get a last-minute gift for a loved one? We can help you not only find the perfect one but can even help you order it (up to $200)

-Need something to be proofread? We’ve got you covered. 

-Need a last-minute dinner reservation? No problem.

Check out this link for more common requests we can help you with.

Not only can Fancy Hands save you time but we can also save you money! What are you waiting for? Sign up today:



Requests a month



Requests a month



Requests a month

All Plans Include...

  • Submit requests via website
  • Submit requests via email
  • Submit requests via text
  • Submit requests via phone calls
  • Your requests roll over
  • Referring new users, get free months
  • Tons of usage stats
  • Recurring Requests
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • VIP Customer Service

Looking for a dedicated assistant?

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