Fancy Spring Cleaning Tips

Fancy Spring Cleaning Tips

It is that time of year again: Spring cleaning! Keeping your home tidy can become overwhelming and we are here to help. Here are some tips and tricks we have come up with for you to make your life a little easier the Fancy Hands way.

Make Yourself a Schedule: We all know it is hard to stay on track. We recommend making a schedule for your cleaning. You can start by looking through your home to see which rooms you need to focus more on. Once you have a schedule and game plan you are more likely to stay on track. They are also great for that extra happy feeling of accomplishment when you can mark a task complete.

Declutter:  With the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo, you can gather all of your belongings (one category at a time) and keep only what “sparks joy.” Don’t be afraid to get rid of items that do not bring you happiness. You will not only declutter your home but you will gain happiness and live in a less stressful home.

Donate:  Now that you have cleaned and de-cluttered you need to figure out what to do with all your unwanted items. What better way to get rid of it then to donate it? For information on where you can donate items such as old clothes please look here.

Check Out These Other Cleaning Trends:

  • KonMari Method which says “clean by category, not by location”. Watch the video here.

  • Rachel Hoffman’s 20-10 Method in which you set a timer and clean for 20 minutes and take a break for 10.

Of course, we all can get super busy and just have no time for spring cleaning. If you are one of those people please have no fear! That is where Fancy Hands can benefit you. We can help find someone in your area to come and clean your home so you can sit back and relax and have time to stop and smell all the beautiful spring flowers. From all of us here at Fancy Hands we wish you a Happy Spring!

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