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Andrew Montalenti, CTO at added Fancy Hands to

The Young Entrepeneurs Council's list of 

14 Favorite Startups of 2012. 

Andrew says, 

"I found myself bogged down on a daily basis with research and administrative tasks, especially as my startup “grew up” into a full-fledged company. We considered hiring a personal assistant, but never felt we could justify a full salary for that role given our company’s small size. FancyHands fit the need for personal assistants perfectly. I was able to delegate not just business-related tasks, but even personal ones that would normally occupy my time. Since starting with the service just last month, they have already made ~60 phone calls on my behalf and spent nearly ~4 hours on the phone with vendors, customers, etc. This especially helped me when I was out of the office on travel and needed to coordinate meetings for the future. I also find it makes me more thoughtful about delegation."

No mention of raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but we're sure he likes those things, too.

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