Good Grooming.

Gone are the days when women would handle all of the wedding planning and men would just show up at the altar.

In today's world, weddings require teamwork. 

Fancy Hands client Bellowser was a groom who got in on the action, and he added Fancy Hands to his party planning team. Our assistants can handle all of the research and legwork that you don't want to do or don't have the time to do.   

He wrote about his experience here

When my wife and I were getting married, we often outsourced the research and scheduling process to Fancy Hands, my favorite virtual assistant service.

Fancy Hands is an affordable virtual assistant service aimed at the common man. It is an incredibly useful service that allows anyone to hand off repetitive or menial tasks to reliable web-based assistants.

Fancy Hands packages start at $25/mo for 5 tasks, which means you’re only paying someone $5 to do something you really don’t want to do.

The help Fancy Hands provided to us during such a hectic time was invaluable, and something we would recommend to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed while planning their wedding.

To give an example of how Fancy Hands helped us plan our wedding, here are a couple emails we sent back and forth: 

The Photo Booth



Could I get a list of no more than 5 companies that rent out photobooths in the Denver area, with their contact information (email, phone, and url), and rental and delivery costs for a 5 hour event?


I found 3 photo booth rental companies in your area. Attached is all the information that you need. 

The Rehearsal Dinner



I am planning the rehearsal dinner for my wedding in October and need some prices to help work it into the budget.

Could I please get a list of 3-5 restaurants in the Denver area near the Comfort Dental Amphitheater with private rooms that can accommodate 50 people, and pricing breakdowns for each one (including room rental, food, and alcohol). I have $2000 allocated in the budget for this, but the closer to $1000 you can get the happier I will be.


Here’s a list of what I found out for you – seems like McCormick and Schmicks might be the best bet and if you call them to negotiate it seems like they’re willing to work within your budget.

The DJ



Could I get a list of around 5 wedding DJs in the Denver area? Please try to get the following information:

- Availability on October 1st 

- Hourly rate (don’t get an event rate, it isn’t descriptive enough for me)

- The DJ’s website

- Upcoming public events (so I can hear them live, if possible)

On a side note, if they have standup comedy experience, that’s a plus (although, a specific qualifier, so not at all required)


Here’s a list of the info you’re looking for.

Another wedding success! 

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Requests a month



Requests a month



Requests a month

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