Happy Fourth of July

It is that time of year again to celebrate America with parades, BBQs, and Fireworks!  We know everyone’s got their own special traditions and twists for their celebrations, but we thought we’d suggest some fresh new ideas to add to your 4th of July bash!

Check out this collection of recipes and quick ideas that will have your party guests singing your praises all year long!

Berry Patriotic:

These adorable fruit kabobs are the perfect appetizer and will give your party the ultimate patriotic edge. Simply thread 4 blueberries, 2 mini- marshmallows and 2 raspberries on each of five 10-inch wooden skewers. On the remaining sticks, thread 4 raspberries, and 3 marshmallows to create this delicious treat.

4th of July Firecracker Hot Dogs

Be the talk of the town with this creative take on the traditional party favorite: the hot dog.

Start by putting your hot dogs on a skewer leaving about an inch and a half exposed at the top of each dog. Then take breadstick dough or croissant dough and wrap each hot dog until you get to the top. Place the wrapped dogs on a nonstick pan or parchment paper and bake for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees (cooking times may vary).

Cut out star-shaped cheese. You may need to have your cheese sliced at the deli counter (have them cut to 1/4″-3/8″ thick).

Make sure the hot dogs have cooled and place the star on the top of the skewers and wallah a patriotic take on the traditional hot dog.

Kid-Friendly Patriotic Punch

We can’t forget that perfect summer drink and we found the perfect one. You may need to channel your inner scientist for this one but it is well worth it. You will need to find colored drinks with different sugar contents to create that layered effect.

Start by filling your glasses about 1/4-1/3 of the way up with the drink with the highest sugar content per serving.

Then fill the cup full of ice and pour the drink with the next highest sugar content into the cup very slowly to avoid the colors combining.

Repeat with the next color. If you want to add a little extra flair add some Twizzlers as a straw.

M & M Flag Cake

We can’t forget the most important part of any party… the dessert! Look like a professional cake maker with this super cute M&M Flag cake!

Start by making a square cake (any flavor you like). Once the cake cools put on white frosting or buttercream. Then the fun part of placing your colored M&Ms. Place a border of blue M&Ms around the edge of the cake. Then add a square of blue to represent the stars of the flag. Use two rows of red and white alternating each other and then there you have it.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and they make you the talk of the town. No time to make them, that’s okay also. Our Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants can help you find a caterer in your area to ensure you still have the best 4th of July shindig in town. Check us out!

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