Hello, Trello!

We're happy to announce a new integration with Trello, a project management system that keeps you organized even better than your Trapper Keeper did. Remember those? 

When you synch your Trello account to your Fancy Hands account, you can assign items from your Trello to-do list to your Fancy Hands assistants, freeing up time in your day to keep working on the important things you need to do. 

Or, maybe you can use the free time to hit the gym. 

More fun, even - free up time for happy hour! 

Well done, Old Sport!

Interested in becoming a new Trello user? Find out more about them here

Lifehacker wrote about them here and Techcrunch has the behind-the-scenes dish here.

Already a Trello client? Connect your account to your Fancy Hands account right here

Find out about all of the platforms that Fancy Hands integrates with and other cool bells and whistles here.

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