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Our customer Zach Silver wrote a blog post and titled it: 

"Fancy Hands – a service I couldn’t live without."

Zach integrated Fancy Hands assistants into his life, and it has made everything easy breezy in a world of creezy.

('crazy' doesn't rhyme there, just go with it, k?)

Here's what he has to report: 

"About 4 months ago I signed up for Fancy Hands, a virtual assistance service that saves me time! I can give them any task over the phone or email (so easy) and it is done soon after. The service charges per month based on the number of tasks you would like. I did a year (great discount) and have already more than paid for the subscription with the things they have done for me. Below is a list of a couple things they have done lately:

-Dealt with warranty department at Cuisinart to get me a new single-brew server after my old one stopped working.

-Called Comcast to get me money off my bill since I had problems with my service.

-Researched and found availability for last-minute dog boarding.

-Found me an iPhone 5… called all Apple stores and waited on hold to check availability.

-Dealt with warranty department to get a new LED strip for fish tank.

-Found and ordered replacement parts for a curling set.

-Dealt with warranty department at Lexmark to get me a new Printer after my old one stopped working.

-Found and ordered wireless component for Blu-ray player.

-Searched nationwide for 2 additional matching chairs to a dining room set.

-Searched for Dryer Vent cleaners (well-reviewed) in my Mom's area.

-Provided a complete list of essentials for a hike down the Grand Canyon.

-Booked reservations (scheduling something in my calendar doesn't count towards tasks).

And so many things I am forgetting.

Basically, they have saved me time and money, therefore increasing my quality of life.

Thank you, Fancy Hands!"

Thank you, Zach, for writing about your experience!

We're so glad to hear that your quality of life has improved as a customer. That's our goal. 



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Requests a month



Requests a month



Requests a month

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