Incoming Calls API

Today we would like to introduce a brand new Fancy Hands API, the Fancy Hands Incoming Call API.  Using this API you can have your very own Fancy Hands phone number that our assistants will answer for you.  

What can you build with this?

  • First Tier Support - Have us handle simple support requests. If it becomes too specialized we can transfer the caller to second tier support.
  • Call Screening - We can screen calls for you, take notes for you, have basic questions answered for you, and transfer the call to you if necessary. 
  • Scheduling - If you have shared your calendar with us, we can set up appointments for you without ever having to answer the phone.

Anything you can think of that starts with an Incoming Call, and we can handle it!

The Basics

Incoming Call Numbers - This endpoint is used to search for and buy phone numbers that anyone can call from anywhere in the world. These numbers can be attached to Incoming Call Objects.

Incoming Call Objects - This endpoint is used to create the Incoming Call Objects that define what the call will be like. An Incoming Call Object is a combination of a phone number you have previously purchased, and a Conversation Object that defines how the Fancy Hands assistant will lead the call.

Incoming Call History - This endpoint is used to get the history of Incoming Calls that have been received by our assistants.

Step One - Buy A Number

The first thing you need to do is search for and buy a phone number. You will be charged a flat fee for the phone numbers every month, and the monthly price is listed when you GET the Number endpoint.

Once you have found a Number you would like to purchase, you will need to POST the full number, including (+) and country code, to the Number endpoint. Once you have a number you can hook it up to a conversation in Step Three.

Step Two - Create a Conversation

Conversations are how our assistants interact with whoever is calling your number. You can have the assistants ask questions, answer questions, transfer the call and take notes. Head over to the Script Builder to see examples and build your own.

Step Three - Create An Incoming Call Object

The incoming call object brings together the phone number you purchased in step one, and the conversation you created in step two. Make a POST to the Incoming Call endpoint with these two pieces of data and your new phone number is ready to be called.

Get started now in the API Explorer! If you have any questions, features you would like added, or use cases you would like to discuss, email our developer team at [email protected]

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