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Who's going to win? 
While these guys fight for control, there’s no debate at Fancy Hands: our customers are winning. 
Also: Romney & Obama with their hair switched? Good stuff. 
Here are some things that our Fancy Hands assistants have done for our clients this week. 

Is the government this effective? Hmm. 
TASK #1: Find an iPhone 5, in stock and near me. 
The maps may be all wonky on the new model, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting them. 
TASK #2: Call the cable company and change my plan to add Showtime. Dexter is back on! 
If the cable company won’t allow your assistant to make changes without speaking directly to the account holder, the assistant will call you and patch you in for a brief verification. Boom. All the serial killers you want. 
TASK #3: Research the ten best venues in my area for a private party of 50 people that are either cheap or free if we pay the bar bill. 
Models not included. 
TASK #4: Find three plumbers in my area that have good reviews, let me know how soon they could come over and what their prices are. My kid flushed a toy down the toilet.
Because he thought it was a toy-let.
TASK #5: 
I moved. Please change all of my magazine subscription addresses to my new address. 
Can’t miss a single O. I get it. 
TASK #6: Can you research the best route to drive upstate this weekend, factoring in the construction work? 
Sure! Take us with you? 
TASK #7: Please send my wife flowers – nice ones – she likes white hydrangeas. Card should read: "I love you more and  more each day. Have a great afternoon. See you tonight."
Amazing. Makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Well done, sir!



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