Meet Jon: Developer

Meet the star of our accidental office meme - Sad Jon. 

He and Sad Keanu are besties. 

And now, the questions: 

What are your interests? 

The typical nerdy suspects: scifi, gadgets, beer, etc.

What are you good at? 

Drinking for free via bar trivia.

What is your worst quality? 

I'm one of those people that never stops talking about how they adopted a dog from a shelter.

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken? 

I'm sure it wasn't actually risky, but taking a trapeze class sure as hell felt like it.

What's the most memorable request you've ever seen from a client?

A customer once had us call a whole bunch of places asking about her lost dog, and they were reunited.

What's your favorite request to outsource to your Fancy Hands assistants?

Scheduling appointments. I haven't personally arranged a meeting in months now.

What food do you hate? 

Most condiments. Specifically, mayo and sour cream.

What food do you love? 

Beer. If we're not counting liquids, pretty much anything breakfast related.

Favorite movies, books, TV shows? 

Scifi wins here again. Zombies, robots, various other apocalyptic scenarios.

Do you blog or Tweet or have any social media links you want to share? 

I know not of this "social media".

Who is your spirit animal? 

Does Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles count?

What are you normally doing on a Saturday night? 

Keeping 3rd Rock and Futurama fresh in my mind. You never know when you might need to know something from there.

What advice would you give to the 16 year old version of yourself? 

I'd stay far, far away from my 16 year old self, since anything I did would most likely result in a time paradox resulting in my death, global thermonuclear war, or some other such catastrophe.

In all seriousness, I (currently) have no regrets. I embrace my mistakes and try to learn from them. Not making a mistake early just means you won't be prepared for it when it inevitably happens. Anything I did at 16 almost certainly shaped my current self, and I'd much accept myself for what I am and focus on the future than dwell on the past and how my life could be different today.

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