Meet Kurt: VP of Engineering

What are your interests? 

Improv, Running, Code.

What is your worst quality? 

Sometimes, it can take a little while for me to find my groove when I'm working.  But once I get rolling I am generally unstoppable.  

What is the biggest risk you've ever taken? 

Leaving a comfy and cushy job to start an office in the Middle East.

What's the most memorable Fancy Hands request you've seen from a customer? 

I am a big user of the service myself - I was a customer for over a year before I started working here.  

The most memorable request I have is a tie between:

a) Fancy Hands found me a boat rental place near NYC that would actually let me sail the boat myself.  It took 26 calls for them to find a place, but they got it done.

b) I moved, and Fancy Hands got my cable set up on the first day without any signup fee and negotiated a rate (taxes included) lower than what was advertised on the web, which was already on sale.

What's your favorite request to give to our Fancy Hands assistants? 

I need to book a practice space every week, which requires calling an average of five places.  Fancy Hands does all these calls for me.

What food do you hate?

Suburbia Pizza.  This will probably ruffle some feathers, but 90% of America lives with bad pizza.  

Someone should do something.

What food do you love? 

Mexican food.  I want to live at Dos Toros.

Movies, books, TV, video games? What do you like? 

I don't really dig on video games.  I have become an old man.

God, I need to read more books.  Please don't let people know I'm basically illiterate.

I love Breaking Bad and Mad Men.  I wish I could just subscribe to AMC.

Blog/Twitter? Any social media links you want to share? 

I guess my Tumblr.  The theme is pretty tight. 

Who is your spirit animal? 

A rabid dog.

What are you most proud of? 

I ran a marathon last year without training at all.

What are you normally doing on a Saturday night? 

At an improv show - watching or performing.

What advice would you give to the 16-year old version of yourself? 

Work harder.  Keep working harder.

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