Mind-blowingly great.

Architectural/engineering/construction blogger & podcaster Matt Handal shared his love for Fancy Hands: 

One of the biggest challenges many marketers have is too many things to get done but not enough time to get them done in. And it’s often the “little things” that clutter our to-do list, like setting up appointments, editing word documents, researching information, etc.

But what if you could get just one more task completed per day? How much more productive would you be? How much more valuable would you be to your organization?

Sounds like you could use Fancy Hands!

Fancy Hands is a service I’ve been using for about two weeks, and I have to say, so far it’s mind-blowingly great!

Here's how it works: for $45, they gave me 15 requests. I can ask their army of US-based personal assistants to do anything that can be done remotely and isn’t illegal. Each task shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. So you have to break larger tasks up into 15 minute increments (but in reality, they’ve spent upwards of 30 minutes on one task for me).

There is an added bonus. If you link up your Google Calendar account, they will call and schedule meetings for you for FREE. Yes, it’s true. They won’t cold call anybody for you. But they will set up appointments with your current contacts. This is only free if you link up a Google Calendar account (which is free anyway).

In addition, they can set up conference calls for you with up to 40 people. Instead of giving you a call in number, they call all the participants when its time to start. Although this is similar to scheduling a meeting, it will cost you a task.

You can email them tasks, or call them, or submit requests through the Fancy Hands website.

Here’s what they’ve done for me so far:

-Picked out and bought flowers for my wife, then arranged for them to be delivered to her office on Valentines Day.

-Identified all the architecture, engineering, and construction firms in a specific city.

-Identified every daycare center within five miles of my new house and called me when they had the list (they identified 15).

-Called all 15 daycares and interviewed them with a list of questions I provided. They provided me the results in an excel sheet.

-Arranged tour appointments on a specified day with seven of the daycares. Added these to my calendar (FREE).

-Arranged a Skype meeting with Tim Klabunde. Added this to my calendar (FREE).

-Made edits to a four-page word document.

-Called Cannon’s service repair center to find out if it was cheaper to get my SLR camera lens fixed or replaced.

-Found pricing for travel and hotel for different scenarios in which I travel to Indiana.

In all, they made 42 calls on my behalf and saved me a lot of time. They didn’t royally screw anything up. They didn’t drop any balls. They didn’t roll their eyes at me. They didn’t question me. They just did what I asked.

And guess what, I still have six requests left!

Most tasks were turned around in a couple of hours. Sometimes the appointments took a day or two to set up.

I paid for this out of my own pocket, just to check it out. And I’m glad I did. Even if I have to pay for it myself, I think it’s worth it.

You don’t need to be a Vice President or Director to use this service. It’s for anyone at any position level that could use some help. That’s what I like about it.

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