Outsource Your Research!

Your Fancy Hands assistant can save you precious time answering your random questions. 
Rather than diving into a Google search, you can: 
*shoot us an email request
*leave a task on the dashboard of our website, or 
*leave us a voice mail via phone
Before you know it, you’ll find answers in your inbox! 
Here are some questions that our clients asked us about this week: 
What are the three highest rated mattress stores in my area? What are their hours? I would like to go to all three and try a wide variety of brands and types. 
I need to buy some Koi fish to stock my pond in my backyard. Where can I buy them, and how much are 50? 
What’s the difference between Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos? We like blackjack and the spa. How do these two properties compare in guest satisfaction and price? 
I’m going scuba diving in Thailand during the Thanksgiving holiday. What are the best diving schools there? I need to see the reviews on safety, and we may need a refresher course beforehand. How much is the refresher, and how much are fun dives? 
Where can I buy coconut water in Cape Town, South Africa?
Can you find X Box controllers cheaper than the prices on Amazon? 
How many calories are in the typical Indian dish Chicken Tikka Masala?
We’re happy to have helped with your new bed purchase, your pretty pond fish, your casino vacation, your scuba trip, your coconut drinking, your video-gaming, your spicy eating, and so much more…
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