Owning A Pet Doesn't Have To Be A Pain!

Pets. We love them.


According to a national survey, Americans have 78.2 million dogs for pets, and 86.4 million cats.

That’s a whole buncha cute.

Our animals provide us with a lot of love and laughter, but they’re also a lot of work. And it’s not always easy to fit your pet-related tasks into your busy day.

Don’t let your chores sneak up on you!

Fancy Hands is the answer. Fancy Hands is always the answer!

Check out what our assistants have tackled for our pet-owning customers.


TASK #1: 

Find me 3 reputable dog walkers in my area with good reviews and send me their rates for walking once a day, on the weekdays. Also, do they accept last-minute requests if I get hung up at work? And can I get a discount for using them a lot?

TASK #2: 

Send me 5 great options for pet-friendly hotels in the city that I’m traveling to.


TASK #3: 

Find the best price on this brand of 50lb bag of dog food and have it delivered to my house next Saturday.


TASK #4: 

Can you research a few good veterinarians close to my neighborhood? I prefer one that’s open 24 hours in case of emergencies.

TASK #5: 

Where are the best dog runs in the city? Are there any fun events for dogs in the city coming up? My buddy needs to make some friends.

TASK #6: 

I need a cat sitter for a week over the holiday break. Can you find a few in my area that have low prices and good reviews?

TASK #7: 

Can you book a car to pick me and my two dogs up to go to the airport next Monday? The car service should be aware that they’re two well-trained dogs weighing 120 lbs each. They can ride on a seat with a towel or in the back of an SUV.


TASK #8: 

Find a great groomer in my area that has good feedback and make an appointment for my dog Sir Barksalot on Sunday afternoon.

TASK #9: 

My dog chewed through his leash - and my shoes. Sigh. Can you find me a leash that is chew-proof?

TASK #10: 

Can you order me the lowest priced, best-rated automatic cat feeder and have it shipped to my office?



We can. We did. And we wish you and your furry friends well.



 Assistants for Everyone. Do what you love. We’ll do the rest. 

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