San Gennaro

Today we continued our 3 year tradition of visiting the San Gennaro festival. It originally started because we were so close to the festival in our Manhattan office, but today we made the trek from our new office in Williamsburg to keep the tradition alive. Here’s a smattering of photos from our Manhattan adventure.

In order clockwise:

  1. Our CEO, Josh, experiencing his first visit to our favorite pizza place, Toby's Public House
  2. The sign outside of Toby’s, because we love it so much.
  3. Lindsay posing for a pic with a real, live cannoli
  4. A San Gennaro street corner
  5. Hands up! The Fancy Hands HQ crew (minus Lindsay) celebrating San Gennaro

  6. The Empire State Building peeking through the San Gennaro decor

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