So Morgan Freeman walks into a bar with a parrot...

It's yet another interesting day for our assistants. Check out what they learned today: 

A man named Morgan J. Freeman is the producer of the MTV show "Teen Mom". This is NOT the same man as the actor. -Danielle Cotton 

The highly regarded Michelin Restaurant Guide was first published in 1900, conceived by tire-selling brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin. A marketing concept that grew into an empire in its own right, it was originally a freebie with the purchase of a set of tires. -Deirdre Motley 

While researching day spas in Manhattan, I came across one that charges $1 a minute to nap. -Mandie Skelton

It's not that hard to get a message put on the scoreboard at Fenway Park! The message fee is actually a donation that benefits The Red Sox Foundation (which goes towards children's charities). The $50 minimum donation is tax deductible and only needs to be requested one day before the game. "Live" marriage proposals, which include a scoreboard message, an appearance on the video board, and a visit from Wally, require a $350 minimum donation. -Amanda Perez

At Andrew Jackson's funeral, his pet parrot had to be taken out of the church because he would not stop swearing. -Draconius Grey 

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