Executives are employed for their unique skillset. If you're their boss, you're paying them for their expertise. If you're the executive, you're being paid to perform and deliver based on your expertise. 

However, often times, executives find that half of their day has been spent mired in the muck of administrative work. 

With Fancy Hands' "TeamWork" plan, an entire company can reap the rewards of having a team of assistants handle the pile of mundane, assistant-level work that must be done; for a discounted price - a fraction of the cost it would require to staff the office with full-time assistants.

This allows executives to stop getting tied down with silly stuff and focus on what they're good at. 

Check out what some of our TeamWork clients are saying: 

  • Fancy Hands enables me to get more work done every day. TeamWork allows me to give that power to my entire team. It’s really incredible. - Tony Halle of Chartbeat
  • Fancy Hands has fundamentally changed the way I think about getting things done. In other words, they really changed my way of life. - Gabriel Weinberg of Duck Duck Go
  • The line between what's possible and impossible, feasible and inefficient, changes substantially in our favor when we use Fancy Hands. - Marshall Kirkpatrick of Little Bird 

As this New York Times article points out, providing an employee with a perk that helps alleviate some of their stress at home is becoming a more and more popular practice.

If, as a boss, you give your employee, Carl, a Fancy Hands membership, and he's able to delegate things like calling his cable company, scheduling a plumber to fix his guest room sink, and ordering his wife flowers, Carl will be less distracted with personal matters at work. And Carl's wife won't be nagging him that he never gets anything done. 

Of course, Carl's Fancy Hands assistants will also be helping him get actual work-related tasks done, like scheduling, conference calling, and research. 

With Fancy Hands, Carl is transformed into a productivity machine! 

Get started here now, and your entire company can be working smarter before everyone leaves the office today. 

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