The Secret.

Paula Rizzo loves making lists. She writes a blog called "The List Producer", and she wrote this review of Fancy Hands: 

Even very productive people have trouble getting everything done throughout the day. The secret is being able to delegate. If you can take something off your plate so you can work on something else that you’re better at, you will be much more efficient.

Enter…the assistant. I know you’re thinking, “I can’t afford an assistant!” I know because I said the same thing until I found It’s basically a virtual assistant service. So the assistants, who are located all over the United States, will do any task that they can perform using their computer or phone. They won’t pick up your laundry. but they’ll find the best service to come pick it up for you and deliver it back to you when it’s done. I’ve known about them for quite some time but never tried them out until now. I must say…I’m impressed.

Here’s my list:


  • It’s really cool to say you have an assistant (My friends think I’ve officially “made it”).
  • It’s simple to set up and get started. You can email your tasks or submit them right through the website.
  • There’s a pretty quick turn around depending on the task (One of my tasks took a few days though, because my assistant was waiting for a call back.)
  • There are different plans to meet your needs depending on how many tasks you’ll need help with throughout the month.
  • As Leah Busque from says “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. She’s right.
  • frees up tasks on my to-do list so I can do other things.
  • They have a referral service so if you get friends to join you get money towards the following month’s tasks. You can cancel whenever you want.


  • The tasks don’t roll over from month to month, so use them or lose them!
  • There’s no app….yet. I heard it’s coming, though. (Yes, it is!) 
  • You never get to meet or talk to your assistant other than via email — so it does feel a bit disconnected. You may get a different person every time (although you can request to get the same person but it doesn’t always work out).                  

Overall, I’m pretty in love with the service.

I’m planning a trip to Italy next month and I’ve used a lot of my tasks for help finding hotel reviews and destination information.

I’ve also used it to find my husband a guitar teacher and a place to donate my old clothes!

The possibilities are endless, really. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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