Wedding Planning Made Easy!

He popped the question. Awesome! Congratulations! Now comes the WORK. 
Getting engaged is a blessing…and a curse. Planning a wedding is like having a second job - except you write paychecks, you don’t cash them.  

The question we’re often asked here at Fancy Hands is, “how can I use your services?”
Savvy brides-to-be have it all figured out. 
Here are 10 wedding-prep tasks that our assistants have tackled lately. 
TASK #1: 
Find me the best price for 150 of these wedding favors that I want to put into my guest’s bags, and make sure they have that many in stock before reporting back to me! 
TASK #2: 
Schedule hair and makeup appointments for myself, my family, and my bridal party. 
TASK #3: 
Find the best price for event insurance for the wedding day. You never know what might happen! 
TASK #4:
Find food truck options for a late night treat at the reception. How much will it cost to feed about 100 people at midnight? Would like pizza, taco, and dessert options.
TASK #5: 
I want to throw a nail party for my bridesmaids. Please research the best nail salons in my area and price out how much it would cost to throw a private party for 10 people – manis and pedis for all. I would want to bring food and champagne, but if any of them offer these things, please get the pricing on that as well. 
TASK #6: 
Find stores in my area that carry guest books. My budget is under $100. I want to go in person and view them before buying. 
TASK #7: 
Find several options and the lowest prices for the type of tux that my groom wants, and make sure they have all sizes for the groomsmen, too. 
TASK #8: 
Gold Jordan almonds. I love them. Please find them in bulk at the lowest prices. 
TASK #9: 
I want an artist to paint on mirrors for the reception. Please find several people who can do this locally, who have good reviews from previous customers, and let me know what their price quotes are. 
TASK #10: 
Research the best dance studios in my area and book three dance lessons for my fiancée and me. We’re gonna need to impress while we get down! 
We’re always happy to help our customers as they plan their happy day. We’d like to think that we’ve prevented more than a few cases of Bridezilla-ism.
We have yet to taste-test wedding cakes for our clients, but we remain hopeful. 
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