Weddings & Whiskey & Whatnot.

Fancy Hands customer Karell has an exciting year ahead of her - she’s getting married in August! Her Fancy Hands assistants have been helping her with all of the planning and research that goes along with that, as well as with various other curiosities that have come up! Here’s what Karell has asked lately: 

We're thinking of having our friend be the officiant for our wedding ceremony that might take place in Yonkers, NY. Can you please tell me what requirements they need to be a legal officiant there? Can you especially confirm if a person ordained online is valid to be a legal officiant? 

Can you help me find a summer camp wedding venue in NY, NY, or PA? Please include prices and what's included.

Can you find some inexpensive dance parties in Brooklyn being held for New Year's Eve? Anything with a ticket price of $40 and under. 

Can you find me a good (read: NOT dive) bar near Broadway and Prince Street in Manhattan that serves picklebacks?  

Can you send me some hotels in Yonkers, New York? I need to find some places that would let me block out a set of rooms for wedding guests. They should be hotels with good ratings on Trip Advisor. Please let me know the hotel websites and their price ranges. 

Can you find me free things-to-do/events/cool things happening in NYC from the 19th through the 26th? I’m interested in music, comedy, shows, demonstrations, store openings, anything cultural, interesting or unique. 

Can you please find other places where they sell this flower girl dress? It's sold out at Nordstrom. Or, if you could, find out when it will be back in stock there. Thanks! 

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