Weed, gold, & orchids.

Today's random facts, culled from our assistants while completing requests for our clients: 

There are 736 licensed marijuana dispensaries in Colorado! Denver tops #1 with 400, follwed by Colorado Springs with 208. -Debra W. 

American Airlines has hold music. If you don't get hold music - just quiet, and you're sitting there, thinking you're on hold; you have actually been disconnected. 

This is totally different than calling correctional facilities, where you sit on hold in complete silence thinking that you've been disconnected. Nope, their hold system is one of complete silence. -Michele K. 

There are phthalates (chemicals) in pretty much everything - including spices! In searching to source phthalate-free spices for a client, I came across this article. Gah! Commence the urban homesteading and growing of my own food. -Mary B.

In comparing the two, Southeast Asia is a better region to begin a startup than China. It's an easier market for entrepreneurs to find their footing because of the opportunity gaps and the option to leverage social media. Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. -Mandie S.

You can pay for a claim to parcels of land that are reserved for prospecting for gold and other precious metals. You can get them as small as an acre up to hundreds of acres and you get it for the whole year to dig as you please. And people actually are do well doing this type of thing! -Kelley P.

Orchids are considered to be the masters of the flowering plant kingdom because they deploy some pretty cunning and sneaky methods to trick hapless bees and birds alike into pollinating their blooms. I had no idea! I thought they were just beautiful and difficult to grow. -Hope S. 

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