What Did We Learn Today?

Our founder and CEO had a great idea: to start a series sharing some of the random tidbits of information that our assistants learn as they're doing research for our clients. 

We'll never share anything too specific, to protect our clients' confidentiality (of course we always get the permission of our clients before we reveal their names and actual reqeusts on the blog). 

Let's take a peek into the Assistant Files and see what they're up to today...

There are at least 14 active patents for sports bras. -Michelle F. 

Android apps are generally Java-based, and iPhone apps are generally based in Objective-C. -Mandie S. 

Coffee makes your blood vessels constrict, causing your blood pressure to raise and your heart to beat faster. Being dehydrated makes your vessels constrict. Apparently, drinking a glass of water before you drink coffee will make the coffee less effective, because the water will cause your vessels to be more open. -Briana K. 

There is a totally awesome app that measures rooms for you. No need to hand measure them anymore, you just point your phone in the direction & the app gives you the measurements... how cool is that?!! -Kelley P. 

Rockstar has discontinued their caffeinated chewing gum. -Juls N. 

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