Example Apps and Ideas

Oh the things you can build...

Below are a few examples of things you can build on the Fancy Hands API. Sometimes complete with totally working applications. We can't wait to see what you've got in mind.

Get featured on this page, build something with our API!

We would love to see what you come up with, and if it tickles our fancy we'll publish it on this page! Share your project with us at [email protected].

Nation-wide on demand car service

This is one of our favorite app ideas. The idea is simple: you pull out your phone, tell us where you are and where you'd like to go and we'll have a car there in minutes. In any city in the country. (Crystal Lake, IL, we've got you covered).

We decided to make one and spent a weekend building it. (We'll release the code this week!

Anyways, how would you build this with our API? Quite simply, and in just a few steps.

  1. Use Google Maps to determine pickup and drop-off locations
  2. Determine the distance between locations to estimate price (to inform your user)
  3. POST to the fancyhands.request.Custom
    Include location and contact information, type of car, etc.
    Request that we return estimated price, ETA, etc.
View the code on github Launch the Demo

Here are some screenshots from our implementation, we'd love to see yours!

  • Pick me up here

    We ask for your device's geo-location and then automatically set your location on the map. You can then drag the marker around to update the pickup spot, or use the 'From' field to search for a different place.

  • Drop me off here

    Once you set your pickup point, use the 'To' field to search for your destination. We hit the Google Maps API to search.

  • Confirm your route

    After you set a dropoff point, we hit the Google Maps Directions API to set the route and distance. Once we have the distance we can also calculate an estimated price (based on average NYC car service rates).

  • Send the request!

    Plug in your information (so we can have the driver contact you), and hit send! The request immediately hits our API and one of our assistants will pick it up ASAP.

Get it Now!

We often find ourselves on Seamless looking at "Soup of the Day" thinking, "I'd sure like to know what the soup is." Or we find ourselves seening exactly what we want on Amazon thinking, "I'd like to support local business and get it this today." So we built an app for that.

Install the Chrome extension and take a look at the tiny amount of code this takes over at github.

Soup of the day!

Get it now!

Outbound call center

Supply a phone number and a script and have our assistants reach out. Want to write this app and have it featured here, reach out by emailing [email protected].

Lead generation

You can create an app that helps sales people generate leads letting them focus on closing. Want to write this app and have it featured here, reach out by emailing [email protected].

Appointment scheduling service

Create an app that submits schedule and contact info and have Fancy Hands take care of finding a time and getting it on their calendar. Want to write this app and have it featured here, reach out by emailing [email protected].

If you've got questions about the API, using it, or just want to chat with the developers, email [email protected]