Happy Thanksgiving.

We hope you have a great meal! 

Outsource Your Stress.

NY Magazine knows that our Fancy Hands can tackle your holiday to-do list. 

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International Incidents.

One of the most popular questions that we’re asked is, 
Can you work for me even though I don’t live in the US? 
You bet your Fancy Hands we can. 

A Matter of Time.

The bad news: time flies. The good news: you’re the pilot.

The Startup That Gets It.

Ooh, look what Sarah Staffaroni wrote about us here. We don't know her, and we didn't even bribe her! 

She says we 'get' it. We're glad she 'gets' us. 
It made us dance. 

The Request Hall of Fame

Your Fancy Hands assistants are an amazing group of people. Based all over the United States, they’re a wide variety of moms, dads, students, artists, and geeks.
(We're big geek fans here at FH!)
We asked some of our assistants to share the most memorable request they’ve ever completed for a Fancy Hands customer and, together, we took a trip down memory lane.
We had a customer who lost a dog.  We worked on a number of requests related to finding him, and guess what…we did! - Allen L. 
I found destinations in Europe for an awesome bachelor party that involved guests from all over the world. - Caroline R. 
Someone asked me to calculate the circumference of the earth in centimeters. – Reuben P. 
I researched a vasectomy for an interested client…there was a video involved…I’ve never forgotten that one! - Mandie S.
I looked for carpet cleaners in New York. It brought me back to the time when I lived there. –Evangelina R.
I once answered a request to call a gentleman's mother (who was a volunteer summer school teacher) and encourage her to continue because her contribution was invaluable. In looking for quotes to use, I found nothing that conveyed his description of her service, so I chose to write her a poem just for her. He later sent me a thank you telling me that she called him crying because she loved it so much, and she wanted to know who the author was. I emailed him a copy to which he replied, “your kindness had no measure today. Thank you for all you did.” I will always remember that task. - Tina C. 
We have a designer client who asks us to pull images with different themes for his mood boards. I love that.   - Lena S. 
I was asked to call a girl's mother at work and deliver a 'singing telegram.' I created an original, pretty wacky rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song and sang my heart out. It was fun! - Tasha S.
I negotiated a press pass for a client to go to the Running of the Bulls in Spain.  - Shauna L. 

GTD with Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands and GTD go together like David Allen and label makers. We're the perfect compliment to GTD implementations whether you follow the system religiously, or opt to use just some of its techniques.

In "Getting Things Done," David Allen talks about creating a "mind like water" by capturing everything you need to do in an Inbox, then going back and making sense of it later. When it's time to sort through your inbox, you figure out your "next actions," creating projects, delegating, scheduling, and (in some cases) actually getting things done.

In an ideal system, you have a collection of (next) actions that need to get done. Then you get into the zone, crank out email, make calls, and check things off your list. 

Even in the most ideal GTD solution, your list of actions invariably contains a lot of stuff that you need to do personally. But often, your list contains things that anyone can do. That's where Fancy Hands comes in. 

When scanning your actions, take an extra second and think: do I really need to do this, or does it just need to get done? When you find something that can be done by anyone (like "set a meeting with Jane," or "find pricing options for a new scanner"), send it to us and move it to your "Waiting list." 

We work really well with the standard GTD implementation, but this suggestion proactively includes Fancy Hands in the process. Fancy Hands can help ensure that you're getting the most done on your important tasks and not spinning your wheels over the little things.

Twitter Love.

Read what our customers are saying about us on Twitter here. 

Meet Lindsay: Community Support Manager

Music (playing & listening), running, eating.


Bloomberg says Manhattan’s power will be restored tonight!
Light at the end of the tunnel…literally. 

Outsource Your Research!

Your Fancy Hands assistant can save you precious time answering your random questions. 
Rather than diving into a Google search, you can: 
*shoot us an email request
*leave a task on the dashboard of our website, or 
*leave us a voice mail via phone
Before you know it, you’ll find answers in your inbox! 
Here are some questions that our clients asked us about this week: 
What are the three highest rated mattress stores in my area? What are their hours? I would like to go to all three and try a wide variety of brands and types. 
I need to buy some Koi fish to stock my pond in my backyard. Where can I buy them, and how much are 50? 
What’s the difference between Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos? We like blackjack and the spa. How do these two properties compare in guest satisfaction and price? 
I’m going scuba diving in Thailand during the Thanksgiving holiday. What are the best diving schools there? I need to see the reviews on safety, and we may need a refresher course beforehand. How much is the refresher, and how much are fun dives? 
Where can I buy coconut water in Cape Town, South Africa?
Can you find X Box controllers cheaper than the prices on Amazon? 
How many calories are in the typical Indian dish Chicken Tikka Masala?
We’re happy to have helped with your new bed purchase, your pretty pond fish, your casino vacation, your scuba trip, your coconut drinking, your video-gaming, your spicy eating, and so much more…

Hurricane Help!

Once power is restored to our offices, Nick, a developer at Fancy Hands, has offered to come pick us all up on his motorcycle. 

Can’t wait! 

Hurricane Update

Post-Sandy, we've verified that everyone on the Fancy Hands staff is safe and unharmed. 

However, many of us are without power and we're unsure when we'll get it back. 
We're working from coffee shops and friends' homes to address all of your tasks and we'll keep at it! 
Thanks for your patience. 
Our thoughts are with those who lost more than their power in the storm.


The internet is making us feel a little blue today. You can read about the outages here. 

We apologize for the interruption in service. We're happy to be back up now! 

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Planning travel can be so time consuming. 
One visit to Google can send you 
and the next thing you know, four hours have passed, you still haven’t booked your flight, but for some reason, you bought a wine rack that you didn’t need. 
Fancy Hands can cut through these distractions. 
Tell us what you need and you’ll get a concise report with the answers to all of your questions. 
Well. We can’t tell you why you bought that wine rack. 
Here are some travel requests that we’ve helped our clients with lately. 
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